Civil Litigation

Our civil law practice is focused on ensuring that our clients get a just result.

Our civil lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants—clients who have been wronged and clients who are accused of wronging other people.

We recognize that civil matters are often about more than money. We work diligently to achieve the result that our best suits our clients’ needs—whether it be vindicating their reputation or holding a wrongful party to account.

Our civil law counsel draw from years of experience in litigating matters before trial courts to ensure that our clients’ interests are advanced vigorously, fairly and to the fullest extent possible under the law.

We pride ourselves on policing the police and upholding Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms through civil means. We have a specific interest in getting our clients compensation when police violate our clients’ civil liberties. We have extensive experience in cross-examining police officers and holding authority to account.

Please contact our office for a consultation if you believe you have been wronged civilly or have been served as a defendant with civil court documents.

We pride ourselves on offering frank, straightforward opinions on the merits of a civil case.