Rory G. Currie, B.A., M.A., J.D.

Rory grew up in North Bay. He studied at Nipissing University, graduating with both a Bachelors and Masters in History. He attended law school at the University of Ottawa. He is excited to be home after completing his articles in Newmarket.
Rory prides himself on being active in the community. He competed in varsity Cross Country Running while at Nipissing University and he continues to enjoy all of the great outdoors that this region has to offer. Rory is a longstanding volunteer with North Bay and District Multicultural Centre, helping New Canadians prepare for the citizenship test. He is also a professional associate with Nipissing University’s newly created Centre for the Study of War, Atrocities, and Genocide. Finally, if Rory looks familiar, you have likely interacted with him during his many years working as a porter and bartender at the Best Western North Bay Hotel and Conference Centre.
Rory holds strong opinions about democratic values and charter rights. He believes in due process, the rule of law, and reconciliation. He is prepared to hold the state accountable to protect these ideals. Rory has the interpersonal skills and research savvy necessary to advocate effectively on behalf of our clients.


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